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§1 Collection of personal data

In order to provide the services agreed with the Terms of Use, Preventis GmbH

represented by the Managing Director, Dr. Franz Paul Armbruster,
Stubenwaldallee 8A, 64625 Bensheim, Germany
Commercial Register Number HRB 25632
Email: info[aet]preventis-online.de

- hereinafter “Preventis” -

collects, processes and uses the data provided by the user, any images transmitted by the user and the IP address of the user‘s terminal (hereinafter “personal data”).


§2 Purpose of collection, processing and use

(1) Preventis collects, processes and uses the personal data solely for the purpose of providing to the user the services agreed within the meaning of the terms of use.

(1a) The images submitted by the user can be used by Preventis in anonymized form for the development of other applications. The user hereby agrees to the commercial usage of his images in connection with such a new application. The user can separately revoke the usage of his images by Preventis for the new application. Should he not choose to do so, the images will be used in the new application and can be accessed by third parties.

(2) The user data is as a matter of principle stored and processed on servers within the EU and therefore subjected to applicable European data protection provisions. Moreover, the personal data shall not be communicated to third parties. Furthermore, Preventis reserves the right to transfer data and user accounts to its subsidiaries given the establishment of operations in the user's country of residence.

(3) Preventis uses cookies to verify the user‘s entitlement to access the required services and to analyse user behaviour, in order to optimise the website from the user's viewpoint.


§3 Protection of personal privacy

Preventis undertakes to protect the personal privacy of the user and affirms that the personal data are collected, processed and used in conformity with the Federal German Data Protection Act and the Federal German Broadcast Media Act and are processed and used solely to fulfil the purposes defined in § 2. Preventis shall bind its colleagues and employees - in particular the participating doctors - to the same undertaking.


§4 Rights of the user

(1) The user has the rights to information, correction and deletion of personal data which are guaranteed by the Federal German Data Protection Act, These rights can be exercised by the user by post or email directly with Preventis or with the contact partner designated under § 7.

(2) The user shall be entitled to receive the services of Preventis in an anonymous manner without giving personal data. In this case he/she is entitled to provide only his/her email address and give a pseudonym instead of his/her name.


§5 Informed consent

Insofar as the user has given his/her informed consent to the provisions of this statement, he/she declares that he/she is in agreement with the regulated use of personal data. Informed consent or refusal to give consent is given by clicking or refraining from clicking on the relevant field following the notice concerning these provisions. Consent or refusal to give consent shall be logged; the content of this record can be requested by the user at any time via support@quantoncal.com. The user shall have the right to revoke his/her consent at any time and thus to cancel and to delete his/her account including all data and the ability to use our service.


§6 Payment process/third party suppliers

(1) Preventis uses the services of the following third party suppliers and refers you without obligation to the relevant TOU and data protection provisions:

- Google Play Store

- Apple App Store

(2) The legal manufacturer of the QuantOn Cal System is the company Immundiagnostik AG, located in 64625 Bensheim, Germany. The legal manufacturer provides the IT infrastructure


§7 Contact partner;

The contact partner for all issues and requests concerning data protection and concerning the exercise of the rights specified in § 4 may be addressed to:

Preventis GmbH

Stubenwaldallee 8A

64625 Bensheim

Last actualization: 11 May  2016

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